Mum's warning after baby struck down by meningococcal

A young mum whose seven-month-old baby girl was struck down with a potentially deadly strain of meningococcal has issued a plea to anyone who may come into contact with them.

The Adelaide baby was rushed by air to Women’s and Children’s Hospital from Roxby Downs in a critical condition on Wednesday morning.

Her nervous mother said she immediately knew something wasn’t right when the infant woke up on Wednesday morning – an awareness that may have just saved the child’s life.

By Thursday afternoon the toddler began to show encouraging signs of improvement, with her mum sharing her delight on social media writing “she is going to be okay”.

A seven-month-old Adelaide baby diagnosed with meningococcal disease is on the mend. Source: 7 News

However, there remains some fear for those who may have come into contact with the baby in the days leading up to her hospital admission.

Sharing a warning from SA Health, the mother warned anyone who may have attended the Autism Awareness Workshop at the Strathalbyn Scout Hall on Wednesday, July 4 to seek medical advice.

Authorities have already identified several people who have come into contact with the baby, with eleven people receiving precautionary antibiotics.

“Please be aware that you have been in contact with someone who has meningococcal disease,” the warning read.

The baby was flown to Adelaide from Roxby Downs in a critical condition on Wednesday. Source: 7 News

“The bacteria which cause meningococcal disease are spread by very close and prolonged contact, and is not easily transmitted.”

Any queries can be directed to the Communicable Disease Control Branch at SA Health on 1300 232 272, while further information about meningococcal infections can be found here.

Girl dies from meningococcal in Hobart

A teenage girl has died from a suspected meningococcal infection in Hobart.
Antibiotics have been given to a small number of people that were in close contact with the girl, who died on Thursday.

It is the first case of meningococcal in Tasmania this year, the state’s health department said in a statement.

Director of Public Health Mark Veitch passed on condolences to the girl’s friends and family.

Her death is being investigated by the coroner.