Mum's push for G-string bikini ban at public pool sparks debate: 'Double standard'

The woman feels her sons need to be 'on alert' while using the public facilities.

Two women perched on the side of a swimming pool, one wearing a G-string bikini bottom (left) and Amy Dixon posing with her arms crossed (right).
Mum Amy Dixon is pushing for a G-string ban at her local swimming pool after women walked around wearing them near her sons. Source: Getty/Stuff

A mum of three sons is urging her local swimming pool to enforce a G-string ban after claiming one of her children was subjected to the "pornographic" sight of a woman wearing one during his swimming lesson.

New Zealand woman Amy Dixon questioned whether it was fair her young family are subjected to a swimmer walking around in an "itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini" at the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre in New Plymouth, creating a petition to rally support from parents.

"My family has often been left feeling uncomfortable and the enclosed area means looking away or moving spaces is not always an option," she wrote. "I would love our local pool to be a family-friendly space where community members of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs and cultures can feel safe and free to enjoy themselves."

The main pool at Todd Energy Aquatic Centre.
Staff at the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre said they were considering the change. Source: Todd Energy Aquatic Centre

The mum confessed she doesn't want to be "overprotective" but has noticed an increase in the number of female swimmers wearing G-strings at the pool, and at other public spaces like beaches.

"I don't want to be an overprotective mum. Is that the space we're in with society now? If so, I'll find ways to prepare my kids for that. But do we have to do that?" she asked Stuff, revealing she ideally wouldn't need to address it with her sons.

She believes there are now few spaces where her boys can "enjoy themselves without having to be on alert, avoid places or look away".

Dixon's petition has gained attention on social media and divided opinions. It has already received more than 100 signatures with people in agreement with her ban, however, others believe it is a "double standard".

"I assure you, an eight-year-old does not find bikinis pornographic," one wrote online, while another questioned how an "ass in a string isn't ok but a bulge in budgie smugglers is".

Staff at Todd Energy Aquatic Centre told Stuff they were considering the change, confirming it will suggest the change to decision-makers. "I can certainly put it forward for discussion," Operations Manager Mike Roberts said. Yahoo News has reached out to the swim centre for comment.

It isn't the first time G-string bikinis have caused a stir, with Aussie man Ian Grace saying the bikinis should be banned in the country in February.

"A lot of people would say that their [women's] bums are as erotic, if not more so, than their breasts but they're not allowed [to be on display]," he previously told Yahoo News. "Just have the decency to cover up."

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