Mum’s horror after finding out kids had been playing in asbestos

A mother living on NSW’s Central Coast is distraught after finding out her children have been playing in illegally dumped asbestos on her property.

The asbestos was dumped on Soraya Van Tilborg’s 22-hectare property in Kulnura by unscrupulous contractors.

The family were told by police and environment officers the land has been tainted by possibly thousands of tonnes of toxic soil and the children have been playing in it.

“I don’t even want to think about it,” the mum said.

“I’ve been told not to let the kids play in the yard.”

Mum Soraya Van Tilborg has been left distraught after finding out her kids have been playing in dumped asbestos on the family’s 22-hectare property in Kulnura on the NSW Central Coast. Source: 7 News
It’s estimated it could cost millions to remove the contaminated soil. Source: 7 News

The cost to remove it is estimated to be in the millions.

Asbestex Asbestos Removal’s Michael Elkorr said the family is looking at paying about $500 a tonne to remove the tainted soil. 

It was soil taken from Sydney’s Green Square project and the family was told it was clean landfill.

In total, about 17,000 tonnes was taken from Green Square and one man has since been charged with fraud.

The mum with her little girl Katie. Source: 7 News

“It all looked very legitimate, everything seemed in order,” Ms Van Tilborg said.

“You come across nice people, you think that you can trust them. Maybe you can’t.” 

The Van Tilborgs have engaged a lawyer with their intention now to dump all over those who have hurt them so badly.