Mum's horror after bullies brutally bash teen in cinema toilets

A mother has spoken of her daughter’s trauma after she was bashed by thugs at a Melbourne shopping centre.

The teens attacked the 16-year-old in the toilet of a cinema at Northland Shopping Centre in just one of a string of assaults at the mall.

Video of the brutal attack was uploaded to Instagram and shows the teen attempting to reason with her bullies before they unleash a string of blows.

The teen’s head is smashed against a sink before she cowers on the floor, copping kicks and punches.

A 16-year-old was bashed in the toilets of a cinema at Northland Shopping Centre. Source: 7 News

“The terror on my daughter’s face, I relive that every day since it happened,” the teen’s distraught mum said.

The 16-year-old thought she was safe when she went to the movies with family friends. But a trip alone to the toilet became her undoing when she was stalked and attacked by a group of thugs.

“They have a gang mentality, they are thugs, they go around bashing innocent victims for the fun of it and they video tape it,” the mother said.

“We can no longer go to that centre anymore for the fear of something happening.”

The bullies have posted a number of videos of assaults. Source: 7 News

Another brutal assault at Northland Shopping Centre was also filmed and uploaded to social media.

The teen’s mother has taken out AVOs to stop the bullies coming near her daughter again.

Police are also investigating the incident. The teens have not been banned from Northland.

The teens have not been banned from the Northland Shopping Centre. Source: 7 News