Mum's hilarious realisation after finding 'strange piles' in daughter's bedroom

Kelli called two pest control companies and the landlords for help with the 'terrifying situation'.

A mum who feared the worst after finding two “very strange piles” of what appear to be bugs or rodent droppings in her daughter’s bedroom was left “laughing so hard” after realising the surprisingly innocent reason behind the bizarre sight.

Kelli Tarin and her family moved into their new west Texas rental only a few weeks ago, but it didn’t take long for the mum of three to notice something so unusual she made several urgent calls to pest control companies and the landlords.

The strange piles of what appear to be small brown bugs on a heap on the floor of the mum's home.
Mum-of-three Kelli Tarin sought advice online after 'strange piles' repeatedly appeared in her daughter's bedroom. Source: Facebook

“Anyone know what this could be? I have found two piles of these. Only in my daughters room,” Kelli shared online last week alongside a picture of mysterious brown mess on her floor next to her daughter’s pink backpack. “I clean it almost every day. This is something that happened QUICK.”

Family just moved into new rental home

The mum’s post on a Facebook page dedicated to homemaking tips quickly gained a lot of attraction, with thousands of other people sharing their concerns a mouse or termites could be responsible.

Kelli later explained that the “droppings or whatever” are “crunchy” and “almost seed-like”.

“We called two pest control companies yesterday. Literally both of them said they have never seen anything like this. Ever,” she said, before adding that the landlords were going to visit the property. “I’m not lying when I say I clean this room constantly. I’ve lived here 3 weeks. That’s not enough time to let this room get filthy. I mean if when I say this happens in the span of a day or two. Tops.”

Mum reveals 'hilarious' explanation

In a “hilarious” update that has attracted more than 400,000 reactions, the mum asked everyone to “please laugh with her” as she revealed the answer for the “terrifying situation”.

Lavender-stuffed teddy bears.
Kelli was stunned to find out her daughter's lavender-stuffed teddy bear was to blame for the mess. Source: Brendon Thorne/Bloomberg via AAP

“I read a comment from someone that said they kid’s lavender bear busted opened and this was inside. Sure enough, when I picked up toys from here, there was a lavender blush bear in the pile,” Kelli wrote. “I threw it away thinking it was infested now. I went and dug for it, and sure enough there is a hole in it. I poured out the contents and these beads were inside! I have laughed for 30 mins. Imagine my relief.”

The mum thanked the woman who suggested the source, saying she “never in a million years would have thought about this”. Turns out a mouse, which has since been caught, had chewed a hole in the toy.

'This is a wild ride'

Kelli’s “wild ride” has left thousands of other social media users in hysterics, one of which said she hoped the west Texas local had “called the pest control companies back so they could have a laugh too”.

“The development of this whole scenario is quite funny. Happy it wasn’t something harmful in the end!” another person wrote. “I can’t help but laugh because I’d be freaking out too,” someone else added. Several people they had had the same experience, while others thanked Kelli for the explanation.

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