'IS THIS A JOKE?': Mum's hilarious QR code fail goes viral

A mum's innocent question for her daughter about how to check-in using a QR code has delighted social media users.

Radio and television presenter Jess Eva shared on Thursday a screenshot of her mother's text message to Instagram, with one person claiming the interaction made their day.

"Sorry to sounds dumb, but I'm not sure who to ask," Eva's mother texted her.

"Who do I send all those photos of QR codes to? I keep taking pictures of them. Me bloody phones full of them. I haven't had any information from government texts or anything to say what to do with them, and I don't want my phone full of them."

A customer scans a QR code to check-in before entering a Kmart store in Sydney.
A mum had been taking photos of QR codes instead of using it to sign-in. Source: Bloomberg via Getty Images

Eva thought her mum was pulling her leg and asked: "Is this a joke message?"

"Omg Mum!!!! Maybe there needs to be more explanation for our older friends re - QR codes," Eva wrote in the caption.

Many people were taken by her mother's innocence, with people saying the question was "gold" and "classic".

One person pointed out at least photos are stamped with the time and date, so it is still "traceable".

It turns out this is a question a few other older people are asking.

"I had an older friend ask me how taking a photo of an A4 sheet of paper helps track him," one person said in the comments.

"I was working in retail last year and gave all my older customers tutorials on a regular basis," another person wrote.

How to use a QR code

On its website, NSW Health explains QR codes are like barcodes.

They have information which are read by a smartphone camera, though some phones may need a QR code reader which can be downloaded.

Using the camera app on your phone, hold the camera up to the QR code and allow for it to focus, but don't take a picture.

Once your phone has recognised the QR code, you should receive a pop-up notification.

Tap the notification and from there you should be able to sign-in and register your details.

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