Mum’s heartbreaking warning over pregnancy symptom that ‘ruined’ her life

Saoirse Lorraine says she can’t do any of the things she used to love since having two children.

A young mum-of-two has shared how extreme morning sickness during pregnancy has ruined her life.

The condition left 25-year-old Saoirse Lorraine chronically ill – forcing her to give up working and has seen her partner become her carer.

What should have been a joyful time soon turned into a nightmare as the budding mum was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a condition that causes severe morning sickness.

The symptoms would see the 25-year-old bed-bound and throwing up constantly for 22 weeks.

Saoirse Lorraine holding her baby daughter.
Saoirse Lorraine adores her children despite her debilitating illness. Source: Jam Press

'Extreme morning sickness has ruined my life,” said the mum. “I gave birth over a year ago but am now chronically ill and my partner has become my carer.”

Before having children, Saoirse described herself as creative and successful, running a jewellery and print business.

But after falling pregnant, her life changed in ways she could have never imagined.

“Now, I can’t do the things I loved anymore,” she says.

Mum felt like she was in the dark over debilitating illness

During her first pregnancy, the young mum felt like she was “completely in the dark” about the condition.

After Saoirse gave birth to her son in 2018, both she and partner Will, 28 felt apprehensive about trying for a second baby but decided to be hopeful.

Sadly, however, when the mum fell pregnant again in late 2021, fate delivered another blow. By the middle of her first trimester, Saoirse was experiencing extreme round-the-clock sickness with her vomiting becoming “aggressive”.

“My HG pregnancy with my daughter entailed a level of nausea I never thought possible, and I was left with permanent damage to my body,” she said.

The mum battled daily with symptoms including hunger, tiredness, feeling easily irritated and her stomach “turning at things that usually wouldn’t disgust her as much”.

Saoirse getting a scan at hospital.
Saoirse has had endless doctor's visits to help cure her extreme morning sickness. Source: Jam Press

Symptoms aren't getting any better postpartum

After giving birth to her daughter 14 months ago, she says things have only gotten worse, continuing to suffer from extreme sickness.

Medics haven’t been able to give her any answers, with one doctor putting her symptoms down to constipation.

The ordeal has left her unable to enjoy days out and requiring a wheelchair.

“In terms of food, I’m unable to eat the foods I used to love due to either being too scared that I’ll feel poorly or knowing from experience how poorly I’ll feel,” she said.

“To this day, 14 months postpartum, I still can’t keep up with my kids [due to lack of energy].”

She now experiences a long list of conditions as a result.

“My endoscopy revealed that I have a hiatus hernia in my oesophagus, caused by the severity of my vomiting,” she said. “I also have ongoing anaemia and now suffer from orthostatic hypotension, possible gastroparesis, tremors and tics, dizziness and fainting and weakness and fatigue.”

There has been a few glimmers of hope in the darkness though – such as finding a community of people online to talk to, with Saoirse determined to share her story to help other mums.

She uses her TikTok to share her symptoms and connect with those experiencing the debilitating condition.

“Helping educate people is so important because many people think HG is just bad morning sickness and showing the reality of it and being honest can help educate those who need it most,” she said.

And despite the struggles, she is also overjoyed about being a mum to her two wonderful kids aged 14 months and five.

“My children are what keep me on this earth. They’re my best friends, my legacy, my everything.”

- Jam Press

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