Mum's disturbing find in children's bath toy: 'Literally shaking'

The mum was disgusted when she cut open the popular bath toy.

A disgusted mum is warning parents to check their bath toys after she made a disturbing discovery in one belonging to her children.

US woman Diana posted a video on TikTok account @itsbabygirld showing off a common rubber duck toy. She explains how she noticed the toy had started to become discoloured, prompting her to do further investigations.

"It looks like blue or green," she said.

"So I'm going to cut it open, if it's fine I'll just replace it ... it's a dollar duck."

She then grabs the scissors and cuts the duck in half before gasping and dropping the toy.

"I'm literally about to throw away all their rubber ducks and never buy another one again," she said.

"That is so disgusting."

A mum shows off the rubber duck (left) and covers her face in shock (right).
The mum was horrified by what was inside the rubber duck. Source: TikTok/@itsbabygirld

The shocked mum then shows her followers what's inside the toy, revealing it is riddled with black mould.

According to NSW Health, mould can grow in wet and moist areas and can cause a runny or blocked nose, irritation of the eyes and skin, and wheezing. Inhaling mould spores can also cause people with asthma to suffer an asthma attack.

"I'm like, shaking right now, literally shaking," the mum said.

"Away with the bath toys – do not buy rubber ducks."

People flocked to the comments to make suggestions on how the woman could prevent mould from growing in her toys.

"Go on Amazon they have rubber bath toys that open so you can clean and get all the water out," one suggested.

"Soak them in vinegar, after use. Keep mould away," another said.

"It’s astonishing the amount of mould that grows in the toys with the pinholes. Don’t ever invest in them!" a third warned.

Cleaning expert Jolie Kerr told Lifehacker parents could soak toys in a mould-eradicating solution or boil them. When boiling she said people could opt to create a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water.

After soaking or boiling, she suggests putting the toy on the top rack of the dishwasher to remove all the cleaning solution.

For those wanting to prevent mould from growing, she recommends plugging holes in the bath toys with a hot glue gun.

"That way, water won't be able to get in the toys in the first place, and mould formation won't even be an issue you need to address," she said.

"You can also go the other way, and cut a BIGGER hole in those bath toys. That will allow the water to drain out, and air the circulate, reducing the presence of the moisture that mould loves so much."

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