Mum’s chilling phone call before kids, 3 and 5, found dead at home: ‘Come get them’

Two children were found dead by police shortly after their mum told officers to "come get them".

Odette Joassaint, 41, from Miami, Florida, sounded "agitated and incoherent" when she phoned the police saying she "didn't want them anymore".

When police arrived at Ms Joassaint's apartment on Tuesday night, Jeffrey and Laural Belval, just three and five, were already dead, according to Miami Herald.

On Wednesday, the mum-of-two was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after confessing to the crimes.

Odette Joassaint police photo and her home in Miami
The mum called the police and told them to 'come get' her kids, but they were already dead. Source: NBC News/Miami Herald

She was "having a mental crisis and was irate," when she called, a police spokesman said. Officers and Fire Rescue tried desperately to resuscitate the children.

Ms Joassaint told police she'd been struggling financially and said her "kids were suffering and that they would suffer less if they were dead", according to Miami police reports.

Frantzy Belval, the children's father, who was estranged from Ms Joassaint implied she was an unstable mother who hadn't worked for a year, according to reports.

She'd allegedly asked to move in with Mr Belval repeatedly, to which he refused.

"They loved me so much," he said of his kids who he saw every Saturday. "Every week, I buy clothes for the kids."

Florida’s child welfare agency, the Florida Department of Children and Families had reportedly come to know Ms Joassaint and Mr Belval after a series of domestic violence allegations.

"The events that unfolded yesterday in this home are devastating. The Department is working closely with law enforcement to uncover the circumstances that caused the tragic and untimely death of these two children," the agency said in a statement.

"We have launched a full investigation and will provide updates regularly and publicly."

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