Mum sold newborn twins to 'pay off credit card bills'

A woman and man have been arrested after their twin newborn babies were reportedly sold to other families to pay off the mother’s credit card debts, according to local media.

The mother aged in her 20s, known only as Ma, sold off her baby boys in China for a combined total of 65,000 yuan (AU$13,300), in September last year, according to Ningbo Evening News.

Police reportedly tracked down the two trafficked children who had been sold to separate couples.

Rescue team members hold the twin boys who were reportedly trafficked by their mother. Source: Cixi police

Ma told police she sold her babies because she was heavily in debt. She said her parents refused to help because they were angry about the babies being born out of wedlock, Asia One reported.

The father of the twins, known only as Wu, reportedly refused to be responsible for the babies and disappeared when they were born. But he surfaced only when he learned of the sale, and reportedly begged Ma to pay his gambling debts.

According to reports, Ma used the payments to settle her credit card debts and to buy a new mobile phone.

Police arrested the pair in July this year, but the money had already been spent by then.

The babies were taken from the families who paid for them, and placed with Ma’s parents.

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