Outrage after 'upset' mum reveals son's reaction to family holiday

A woman’s adult son has been accused of being “ungrateful” after refusing to pay his way on a family holiday.

The mother posted in the Perth Mums Facebook group asking for help after the 22-year-old called her “stingy” for not paying for his entire trip to Thailand.

“My husband and I have six kids between us (aged from 16 up to 27) and we’ve recently just paid for a holiday for 10 days for all of us to go to Phuket,” the mother said in the post on Sunday.

“We have paid for flights, accommodation, airport – hotel transfers, travel insurance and a day trip to Phi Phi Island, plus buffet breakfast is included every day and we’re buying dinner every night too.

“So we explained to all the adult kids that they have to bring their own spending money and they have to buy their own food on the plane and their own lunches while we’re there.”

The mother has taken to the Perth Mums Facebook group to ask for advice. Source: Facebook

The mother said however the 22-year-old son was not happy with the arrangement.

“The 22-year-old has said to me today that I am stingy because I’m not paying for lunches (which will only cost probably no more than $10 on the plane and in Patong each day) although just about everything else is being paid for,” she wrote.

“I’d like some honest feedback please as this has upset me and I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all, especially when everyone else is happy with the arrangements.”

The mother said her son had a job and discussed the extra costs with her children before booking the trip.

The mum paid for six children to go to Thailand, but one wasn’t happy with the arrangement. Source: Getty Images

Many have commented on the post calling him ungrateful, and one even went as far to say he was a “spoilt little brat who could do with a lesson in reality”.

“It’s kids of today,” one person commented.

A 21-year-old woman also said the son was lucky.

“I’m 21, my mum’s taking me to Bali and I have to pay for my flight. Your 22-year-old is lucky,” she wrote.

Another claimed the son was in for a nasty shock when it was time for him to live in the real world.