Mum outraged to find dangerous ‘surprise’ in Coles raspberries

A Coles customer says she had a “scary” surprise when making a smoothie for her children using the supermarket’s own brand of frozen raspberries.

“Thanks Coles... found a nice little surprise in our raspberries,” the mother wrote on the Coles Facebook page along with a photo of her holding a large piece of green glass amongst the frozen fruit.

“I assume that’s glass and not a leaf?,” one person asked.

“Definitely glass... I thought it may have been a mistake but the glass was freezing,” the woman responded.

When Yahoo News Australia spoke with the woman, she explained she had found it while her husband was making smoothies for her children and if it hadn’t been for the glass being green, her kids could have consumed it.

Green glass in a packet of Coles frozen berries
The upset Coles customer said if it hadn’t been for the glass being green, her children may have consumed it. Source: Supplied

“It was pretty scary considering it could have easily been consumed by the kids. We literally found it because it was the only green item in the blender,” she said.

“That's shocking, lucky you found it,” one person responded to the Facebook post.

“I know... hubby was making smoothies for the kids! Just as well it was green!” the mother responded.

The shopper explained she had rang Coles customer service line where staff had asked her to email a photo of the glass so they could “investigate” but they didn’t take down her details.

“They offered me to return it to Coles for a refund” the woman told Yahoo News, adding that she had emailed the requested details to Coles but had yet to receive a response from the supermarket giant.

A Coles team member replied to the original post on Facebook saying they were “concerned to see this” and asked the shopper again to send through details of the product and its barcode.

When the frustrated mother explained she had already sent through the requested information, Coles responded again.

“We pride ourselves on our customer service (and) expect our teams to take matters, such as this, quite seriously,” a Coles spokesperson wrote.

The mother told Yahoo News that 24 hours after sharing the image on the Coles Facebook page she was frustrated that Coles still had not responded to any of her emails or private messages.

Yahoo News Australia have contacted Coles for comment.

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