Mum’s outrage over Kmart item

An Aussie mum has shared her disappointment at an outdated item inside a Kmart dollhouse set. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Dean Martin

An Aussie mum has shared her horror at a concerning item inside her daughters $10 Kmart dollhouse set.

Brisbane resident Simone Navybox said she didn’t notice the potentially harmful object when she purchased the six-piece Wooden Dollhouse Bathroom for her young daughter.

The miniature set which included a shower, toilet, plunger, shower mat and sink, also contained a set of yellow scales.

Mum angry at Kmart dollhouse set. Picture TikTok.JPG
A $10 Kmart dollhouse set contained a concerning item. Picture: TikTok
Mum angry at Kmart dollhouse set. Picture TikTok.JPG
A small set of scales caught the attention of one Aussie mum. Picture: TikTok

An Aussie mum has been left stunned after purchasing a dollhouse set from Kmart, only to find an unexpected item included.

“Um probably not gonna teach my little girl she needs scales in her bathroom Kmart,” Ms Navybox wrote in the TikTok video which has more than 5.8 million views.

While once a common feature in every Aussie bathroom, scales have become somewhat of a relic as more information came to light about eating disorders and the phasing out of BMI as an indicator of good health.

Thousands of people flocked to the comments to share their stories about growing up with scales in their childhood bedroom and the harm it did to their mental health.

Aussie parents reacted in the comments section. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Dean Martin

“Literally having a scale in my bathroom ruined my life,” one person commented.

“Personally my family never kept a scale and the only time one was ever in our home, my sister bought it during her first severe battle with her ED [eating disorder],” a second wrote.

“Thank you! A lot of people think it’s not that serious but I’d rather be safe than ruin my kids’ teenage years, it really does start at home,” one person said.

Others thought tossing the item was unnecessary, suggesting instead to paint the item and pretend its a pizza box.

Others said to use it was kitchen scales instead of bathroom scales.

Kmart has been contacted for comment.