Mum-of-six's 'heart drops' after $1500 worth of Christmas presents stolen

The single mum said her children, aged between 16 and 5, are 'really upset'.

A mum-of-six has been left heartbroken after her kids' presents were stolen in a burglary just weeks before Christmas.

Siobhan Reilly had $1,500 worth of gifts pinched from her home while she was away caring for her ill mum. The single mum rushed back to her flat in East Sussex, UK, to find the presents missing after her neighbour called the 34-year-old to break the devastating news. Siobhan says her children – Kaine 16, Ruby 14, Amelia, 11, Loki 10, David-Jake, six, and Laura-Lee, five – have been left devastated.

Siobhan with her six kids, Loki, Amelia, Kaine, Ruby, David-Jake and Laura-Lee, who had their Christmas presents stolen.
Single mum Siobhan was away caring for her mum when the Christmas presents she bought for her six kids were stolen. Source: Jam Press

Kids devastated after Christmas presents stolen

“I just broke down in tears. I was proud of myself for starting early and almost getting it done,” the mum said. “When I walked through the flat, I noticed all the drawers had been pulled out and smashed. All the cupboards were wide open and there were empty boxes on the floor.

“I then noticed all the presents were gone. My heart just dropped.”

Siobhan said the thieves broke everything they could. “This has affected us all so much. I haven’t slept properly since it happened. My kids are really upset thinking that Christmas is ruined for them,” she said. “What they have done is evil. I’m doing the best I can to pick myself back up.”

Siobhan with her five-year-old daughter, Laura-Lee.
Siobhan said the 'evil' thieves pulled out drawers and broke everything they could. Source: Jam Press

Police launch investigation

A spokesman for Sussex Police said officers “received a report of a burglary” at a property in Hastings on November 12. “It is believed to have taken place two days earlier,” they said. Two people were arrested on suspicion of burglary and released on bail whilst the investigation continues.

Kind-hearted friends have created a GoFundMe fundraiser to help Siobhan.

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