Mum of girl, 7, not reported missing for two years breaks silence

The mum of a seven-year-old girl who was reported missing two years after vanishing has defended herself in a series of Facebook posts.

Harmony Montgomery, 7, was last seen at a home in Manchester, in the US state of New Hampshire, in October 2019 when she was five years old.

Police said they were notified about Harmony’s disappearance last week and have been in touch with multiple family members. They did not say who finally reported the girl missing.

The vision-impaired girl’s mum, Crys Renee Sorey, has now hit back at “bullies” who have flooded her Facebook page in the wake of the news, The Sun reported.

Crys Renee Sorey pictured holding another child.
The vision-impaired girl’s mum, Crys Renee Sorey, has now hit back at 'bullies' who have flooded her social media. Source: Facebook

Ms Sorey said on social media she had been searching for her daughter since her disappearance and blamed New Hampshire’s Division for Children, Youth and Families for failing her daughter.

The mum made the accusation when responding to a man who commented on one of her posts who reportedly made references to her past behaviour, the publication said.

“I’d appreciate if my family would have my back and put this irrelevant loser bully in his place!” she said.

“My daughter went missing and this is what people are focusing on?!

“Throwing my past on front street and trying to make it look like I don’t care!

“New Hampshire DCYF failed my daughter!” the mum added in all caps.

“Myself and her family have filed dozens of reports of abuse and neglect and nothing was done until I called police and wrote a letter to the NH mayor,” she continued.

Harmony Montgomery is pictured.
Harmony Montgomery has been missing for two years. She's pictured her aged five. Source: Manchester Police

Ms Sorey then declined to go into further detail, fearing it could hinder the investigation into Harmony’s disappearance.

The mum appears to have since removed her posts and made her Facebook account private.

The office of New Hampshire Mayor Joyce Craig told The Sun an email “primarily regarding issues with follow-up” on the seven-year-old's case was received in December.

Uncle says Harmony 'looked like a scared puppy'

Harmony’s uncle Kevin Montgomery revealed to The Daily Beast the last time he saw his niece she “looked like a scared puppy”.

Mr Montgomery said he saw the young girl’s face during a heated moment between family members at a home several of them shared in October 2019.

The incident attracted the police and resulted in his nephew, Harmony’s dad, cutting off contact with some family members.

“Then the pandemic hit, and I just assumed Harmony and that side of the family was okay,” Mr Montgomery told the publication.

“I was worried, of course, but assumed everything was okay because I had not heard anything.”

A missing poster for Harmony Montgomery.
Ms Sorey said she had been searching for her daughter since her disappearance. Source: Manchester NH Police

'Somebody out there knows something' about Harmony's disappearance

Manchester police have set up a tip line and offered A$17,259 in rewards as they investigate Harmony’s disappearance.

The number will be manned by detectives 24 hours, Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said at a news conference on Monday.

“Somebody out there knows something,” he said.

“It’s time for people to do the right thing... Someone needs to call in.”

Chief Aldenberg said police were operating under the assumption Harmony was alive “until somebody shows me something that she’s not”.

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