Mum of five dies after taking cocaine and trying to rip her own teeth out

Kiera Kent, 29, died last year after attempting to rip her teeth out while on cocaine.

A mother of five who died last year had reportedly attempted to rip out her own teeth and inflict other severe injuries after taking cocaine, an inquest has heard.

Kiera Kent, 29, died in her home near Cornwall, England last July and despite the illicit drug in Ms Kent's system not being deemed to be at a toxic level, coroners believe the drugs were responsible for her medical episode which caused her death, the Daily Mail reports.

Kiera Kent (left) tried to rip her teeth out while high on illicit drugs. Right, she can be seen with her partner Liam Crabtree.
Kiera Kent, 29, reportedly died last year after taking cocaine and attempting to rip her teeth out. She is pictured, right, with her partner Liam Crabtree. Source: Facebook

The post-mortem reportedly states Ms Kent had been pulling at her own skin, inflicting scratches and abrasions, with evidence she had also put her hands in her mouth reacting to toothache.

Family's tribute to 'loving person'

On a tribute website Ms Kent's relatives wrote she was the "life and soul" of the family and was "such a loving person to all who knew her."

"Sweet dreams my darling we will miss you terribly," the family wrote. The tribute website has since raised over $2,500 in memory of Ms Kent's life.

She is survived by her five children — Vinnie, Aurora, Arya, Ariel and Amiera. The children had reportedly been put to bed after Ms Kent and her fiancé Liam Crabtree had hosted a BBQ, with the couple taking cocaine before the medical episode occurred. Her partner reportedly found her exhibiting "bizarre and erratic" behaviour and phoned emergency services for help.

Ms Kent's cause of death was reportedly recorded as acute behaviour disturbance following cocaine use, however, later in the hearing, it was suggested the drug could have worsened a chemical imbalance leading to the fatality.

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