Mum makes horror find in family home after years of ill health

In damp or water-damaged environments, toxic mould species grow and release spores that can cause serious health problems if inhaled in the home.

A mum-of-three has shared the scary signs of hidden mould that she claims left her with a life-altering disease, her husband with seizures, and her daughter with migraines. She is warning others just how hidden the domestic scourge can be.

Danielle Wollmann long suspected something was wrong in her home, with her family members suffering various health symptoms with no explanation. The mum herself went through months of bloating, brain fog and weight gain. Despite hiring several home inspectors, no answers were found – until the 41-year-old did research of her own, inspecting every inch of her house.

Danielle discovered the nasty culprit after using a thermal camera that showed moisture and enabled her to correctly identify the source – the same device a Melbourne tradie used to recently reveal water defects in newly built Aussie homes.

A photo of what appears to be black mould found hidden in the walls of the house.
Just some of the mould found hidden in the walls of the house. Source: Jam Press

The mum was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2021, believes it is linked to long-term exposure and is now warning others to be wary of hidden mould.

“We own our home and had water seeping into the basement that was hidden for at least 15 years,” the Canadian woman explained. “Unfortunately, our home insurance doesn't cover this kind of damage and we had a very hard time figuring out where it was ... Mould is just an expensive problem to deal with,” she added.

“I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s by a doctor after pushing for a diagnosis. “I feel like I am 90 years old some mornings, with how stiff and sore I am.

“The mould exposure we had from our home over the last 15 years was triggering my immune system. The mould affects everyone in my family differently,” she said.

Danielle pictured smiling with her daughter.
Danielle says members of her family have endured health issues which she believes are linked to the mould. Source: Jam Press

Her husband Stephen, 44, also reportedly suffered modest neurological difficulties. “Eight years ago, he also developed epilepsy out of nowhere, we strongly suspect the mould is a trigger for his seizures.”

After years of struggling, she is convinced the mould has played an outsized role on the health issues experienced in the home.

“It’s a strange feeling to know your house is making you sick,” she said.

Pictures showing extreme mould on the roof of an Australian rental property.
One Aussie renter recently took to social media after a lack of action from her real estate agent over an extreme mould problem in their house. Source: Facebook

The family has now replaced all their windows and may have to completely tear down the exterior of the home to ensure no more water can get into the basement and cause more damage. “We didn’t want to pass along the water and health issues to anyone else. It was a matter of integrity for us to resolve the issue.”

Following more recent rain and flooding on across eastern Australian states this summer, Australians have again been warned to watch out for the potential of harmful mould growth, which can thrive in the damp conditions.

In a damp or water-damaged environment, toxic mould species grow and release spores that can cause health problems if inhaled. The World Health Organisation advises no level of exposure to mould can be considered safe for health.

A parliamentary Inquiry into Biotoxin-related Illnesses in Australia noted the need for further research into mould prevalence, mould measurement and the potential health effects of exposure to damp and mould.

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