Mum hits out at Kmart's 'ridiculous' packaging of online order

A Kmart customer has shared the excessive packaging she said was used to deliver one bath bomb.

The Sydney mum placed an order from Kmart online and was amused when a single bath bomb arrived mailed in a large cardboard box with several plastic air pockets to cushion it.

“So glad my bath bomb arrived safe and sound,” the mum wrote in a Facebook group dedicated to sharing hacks from the retailer.

A Kmart customer has shared the excessive packaging used to deliver one bath bomb.
Many criticised Kmart over the packaging. Source: Facebook

“Oh that’s ridiculous,” one woman replied.

“Wow, just wow,” another gobsmacked Kmart fan wrote.

According to several people in the group, they had received similar items from the retail giant in packaging that didn’t seem to match the size of the item they purchased.

“I received one sheet of kitchen labels like this, I even asked the post office to open it for me as i thought the box was empty,” one woman commented.

“I had one T-shirt delivered the same way,” another replied.

“Just like my coat hangers,” a third person wrote.

A Kmart customer has share the excessive packaging used to deliver one bath bomb.
A mother has taken to Facebook to share the excessive amount of packaging Kmart used to mail her one bath bomb. Source: Facebook/AAP

While many had a laugh at the post, several people were concerned about the retailer’s excessive use of plastic packaging and its impact on the environment.

“What a waste, this is outrageous, plastic is the worse! Not sure I want to shop at Kmart anymore,” one upset customer wrote.

“Whoever packs these should be fired, it’s such a waste and common sense should prevail,” another person commented.

Yahoo News Australia contracted Kmart for comment.

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