Mum fumes after girl, 14, found covered in blood in train station toilet

Sarah has vowed to find the 'thugs' responsible for the attack.

A Gold Coast mum whose daughter found a 14-year-old girl covered in blood while "crying and vomiting severely" in a train station toilet has "promised" to find the girl's attackers.

Sarah had not long served dinner on Sunday night when she received a phone call from her daughter notifying her of the girl in distress at Coomera station.

The 14-year-old who was attacked can be seen with scratches across her face and blood over her top.
The 14-year-old was allegedly attacked by girls known to her in Coomera. Source: Facebook

The 14-year-old and her boyfriend, 13, were allegedly targeted while on the train by a group of eight youths, four males and four females, who were known to the couple.

Despite attempting to flee, the group allegedly continued to chase and verbally harass the couple who chose to walk toward the local Westfield in hope the crowds would deter further taunts, however, the 14-year-old was later attacked.

The teenager's white top can be seen splattered by blood and her hands are covered in scratches and mud.
The teenager was covered in blood and had scratches across her face and hands. Source: Facebook

"These coward girls had all dragged and gang-bashed this innocent 14-year-old girl into the bushes, beating her before mocking her and stealing her phone," Sarah wrote in a scathing social media post. "The attackers wiped her blood [on the wall] and emptied her belongings in the mud.

"This poor girl ran back to the train station after the attack, covered in blood and locked herself in the disabled toilet," she said, explaining this is where her daughter found the victim.

"I am so sick to death of these little tough nut wannabe thugs."

Left, blood can be seen smeared onto the wall. Right, Pokemon cards can be seen strewn across the ground.
The attackers allegedly emptied the 14-year-old's bag and stole her phone. Source: Facebook

Police search for 'thugs' responsible

Sarah explained another member of the public had stopped to help the victim and her daughter when she arrived at the train station, with the police contacted by several people regarding the incident.

Police confirmed with Yahoo News Australia they are aware of the "assault and robbery" which occurred after the couple were separated outside the Westfield.

"The four males assaulted the male victim and the four female juveniles assaulted the female victim," Superintendent Rhys Wildman said. "As a result of that the female victim had her phone stolen."

The 14-year-old permitted Sarah to take photos of her injuries and share them online in the hope it would help find those responsible.

"I took photos along with her details myself and told her I would personally be chasing this up as far as I damn have to," she wrote.

"This is disgusting and unacceptable."

Police confirmed the eight juveniles responsible promptly caught a bus and fled the scene, while the 14-year-old girl was transported to a local hospital where she was treated for her injuries.

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