Mum forced to sell family home amid husband's 'traumatic' brain tumour battle

The NSW parents to three young children are having to fund expensive medical bills themselves.

A family are having to sell their dream home as they look to fund the care of a beloved father of three enduring "scary" complications following a brain tumour diagnosis.

Jase Young, 37, was diagnosed with a brain tumour six years ago, with his family's lives changing forever. His wife Emma has become his full-time carer as Jase faces challenge after challenge. But it was in November when his condition took a significant turn for the worse.

He suffered a collapsed airway as the result of a respiratory illness, leaving him in a critical state. At the same time, his brain tumour was continuing to grow despite previous surgeries to remove it.

Jase in a hospital bed receiving treatment.
Jase has endured multiple set backs in the past six years since he was first diagnosed with a brain tumour. Source: GoFundMe

"He was in the kitchen, where all the kids were, just gasping for breath. It was just the most confronting thing seeing him suffer like that," Emma told The Daily Telegraph.

A tracheostomy was performed on Jase, however doctors in Australia are unsure how to treat his rare condition, with his family seeking help from medical teams in the US. His open airway has been incredibly uncomfortable and he struggles to speak. Jase's sister Kylie said his ordeal has been "traumatising" for his entire family.

Jase and Emma pictured in a smiling selfie with their three young children.
Jase's wife Emma has made the difficult decision to sell the family home. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Wife gives up family business and home

Emma last year was forced to give up the family's cafe to care for Jase as well as being a mother to children aged 7, 6 and 2. Now with financial pressures mounting, she's made the difficult decision to sell their home, which they renovated themselves, in Kiama Downs, south of Wollongong.

Putting the family under further strain is the speed at which his tumour is growing which requires urgent and specialised radiation surgery.

"This surgery is extremely expensive and is not coved by Medicare or private health," Kylie explained in a GoFundMe page also set up in a bid to keep the family going without an income.

The Kiama Downs home has been restored by the couple to a high standard. Source: Ray White
The Kiama Downs home has been restored by the couple to a high standard. Source: Ray White

The page has so far raised close to $40,000 which Kylie said has "literally been a lifesaver".

The family are now hoping Jase is over the worst of it but they are under no illusions that he is facing a "long, very rocky" journey.

"You truly don’t know how much this has helped our family in what has been the most stressful, traumatic and hardest experience of our lives," Kylie told donators.

Jase and Emma's home will go to auction later this month.

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