Mum filmed spanking son, 14, after he steals her BMW to pick up friend

A 14-year-old boy’s cunning plan to steal his mum’s BMW without her noticing has spectacularly backfired after she caught him red-handed.

Aaron Martinez disconnected the Wi-Fi at the family home in El Paso, in the US state of Texas, so his mum could not see him stealing the brand new car on security cameras.

During the joyride he picked up his best friend, but the teen was caught out by his furious mother after the friend’s mum rang and warned her.

Aaron’s sister Liza Campero posted videos to Twitter showing the enraged mum pulling up next to the BMW before getting out and whacking him with a belt.

“Pull over now,” she can be heard screaming in the video.

She then leans over to the sister and says, “give me the belt”.

Ms Campero can be heard giggling in the background.

The furious mother spanked her son with a belt after he stole her BMW. Source: ABC7 Chicago

The sister told ABC13 she lived next door to her mother who called her to check if the car was in the garage.

When Ms Campero confirmed it wasn’t, the mum raced home.

“She told me she was on her way home and to grab her belt,” Ms Campero said.

The mother spots the BMW after her son’s girlfriend told her there was another girl with the two boys.

She knew where that girl lived and caught Aaron at traffic lights close to the house.

Ms Campero told ABC13 when their mum approached the door of the BMW, she saw her son smirking. But his mood changed once he saw his mother was armed with a belt.

“He says he learned his lesson and it was deserved and needs to make better decisions, and didn’t do the right thing,” his sister Ms Campero said.

Aaron has since had his Playstation 4 and other electronics confiscated. His mother also took his bedroom door off the hinges and he is only allowed to leave the house if he is at school or with his mum.