Mum defends Coles markdown spree after shoppers hit out

A Coles shopper has been forced to defend herself after sharing an impressive haul of bargain buys online.

The customer stocked up on a massive selection meat and cheese that were discounted for a quick sale at the Coles deli in Redbank, west of Brisbane, Queensland.

Among more than 15 deli items, none of the products cost more than $2, with them ranging in price from 49 cents to $1.89

Sharing her dedicated bargain hunting to a Facebook group last week, the woman boasted she had “cleaned up at Coles deli Redbank this arvo”.

Nearly 200 people applauded her work in comments to the post, some however, were less than impressed.

Photo shows the front of a Coles store.
The customer had to respond to backlash after sharing the haul to a Facebook group. Source: Google Maps/Idra Ho

Some seemed bothered that the woman had collected such a large amount and left nothing for other people who may have needed some cheap meals.

“I always just take what I need so it is fair. Well, one of each item,” one shopper wrote.

Someone else said they “objected” to shoppers clearing the shelves of bargains.

“I must admit I do object to people grabbing everything. My social conscience says always leave something for others,” they wrote.

The woman behind the post later responded to the naysayers, refusing to apologise for taking all the items, which she said would not go to waste on her family of meat eaters.

“Yep I did take it all and there’s no remorse. We are a big meat eating family and some is frozen for next week’s lunch meat,” she wrote in a comment.

Photo shows haul of discounted Coles deli meats and cheese.
The shopper posted the haul online after picking the items up at the Coles Redbank store. Source: Facebook

“My husband is on work cover so is missing out on heaps of his normal over time. We’ve been struggling, so this was a magnificent win for us. Our teenage boys were stoked.”

She said the cherry on top was earning $50 off her next Coles shop as a result of the bargain items bumping her regular shop over the required $50 minimum spend on her fourth week of a Flybys promotion.

Many people praised her response, and agreed that she shouldn’t feel bad for not leaving any of the marked down items behind.

“Well done. It’s nice to get a break when you’re doing it though. Good on you love. Enjoy,” one person responded.

“I’d rather one person stocks up than it go in the skip bin. Bit jealous you scored because I never catch stuff this good, but I’m nowhere near you so it wouldn’t matter to me anyway,” another wrote.

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