Mum of daughter killed by stalker’s plea

Aggie Di Mauro has called on governments to introduce ankle monitoring bracelets to counter violence against women. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw

The mother of a woman stabbed to death in her home has called for the introduction of ankle monitoring bracelets to counter violence against women.

Celeste Manno was brutally killed by her stalker Luay Sako in November 2020.

Sako was sentenced to 36 years in jail, but Ms Manno’s mother Aggie Ms Di Mauro has expressed outrage that he was not given a life sentence.

Following a weekend of national rallies against gender-based violence that Ms Di Mauro attended, she spoke about the issue on Channel 10’s The Project and criticised governments for their lack of action.

“They don’t want to put an ankle bracelet on these beasts,” she said.

“Had an ankle bracelet been on the beast that murdered my daughter we would have had at the very least the opportunity to get the hell out of that house.”

Aggie Di Mauro’s daughter Celeste was stabbed to death in her home by her stalker in November 2020. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Andrew Henshaw

When asked why she thought governments wouldn’t use ankle bracelets, Ms Di Mauro said it was because “we don’t have the right politicians”.

“It’s as simple as that,” she told The Project.

“They refuse to monitor these beasts.

“Put the damn ankle bracelet on them. I couldn’t care less about their freedom of movement.

“His (Sako’s) freedom of movement put Celeste six feet under.”

Ms Di Mauro said calls from politicians for more reviews and inquiries into violence against women were a “waste of tax dollars”.

“We had a very good one from the VLRC (Victorian Law Reform Commission) because of what happened to Celeste,” she said.

However, she claimed that Victoria “buried” the 46 recommendations.

“I was promised they’d be implemented, no time wasted, in Celeste’s name,” she said.

“I think someone needs to step up, obviously it would be our new Premier.”

Ms Di Mauro said coping to live without her daughter was “near impossible” and the government failed her daughter “from the very start”.

“I was met with all sorts of condolences, and of course, their condolences and they’ll do better next time,” she said.

“I don’t get Celeste next time.”