Mum who bought Snickers for children before murdering them is jailed

An evil mother caught on camera buying a Snickers bar as a last snack for her two young children before brutally murdering them has been jailed for 19 years.

Instagram cosmetics queen Elena Karimova, 27, suffocated her daughter, Khadizha, four, and son Suleiman, two, in the back seat of her rented Kia Rio in April last year.

Minutes earlier the Russian divorcee was seen by CCTV at a filling station buying the chocolate bar for her children to share – and barbecue lighter fuel which she later used to incinerate their bodies.

Elena Karimova at the gas station shop - 1 - IC-east2west news (1).jpg
The mother purchases the chocolate bar shortly before killing her two children. Source: East2West News

Two passing hunters saw her burning what they believed were dolls.

The hunters Alexander Voronnikov and Roman Melnikov who saw her make a fire – and mistook her for a witch – denied there were any men with her, said the judge.

“We thought that they were dolls in the fire,” said Voronnikov.

“When we passed, the woman tried to hide her face.”

The judge said that footprints in the snow and CCTV footage showed clearly that Karimova was alone with her children in her rental car and when she burned the bodies.

Elena Karimova and son Suleiman - 1 - east2west news.jpg
Elena Karimova, 27, and her son Suleiman, two. Source: East2West News
Elena Karimova's children - Khadidzha and Suleiman - east2west news (1).jpg
Khadizha and Suleiman, Source: East2West News

Fearing the hunters were suspicious, she loaded the charred corpses into her car and drove home.

The next day she drove to an abandoned warehouse where she dumped the bodies and set the building on fire, almost completely destroying the human remains.

When detained by police she initially confessed to the murders saying: “I couldn’t provide for my children.”

In her first court appearance she said: “I’m very sorry for what happened. I do not even know how I could go about this.”

Despite her financial problems, she spent AUD$870 a month on car rentals and took foreign holidays.

Shocked family members and friends said her action was “totally out of character” and refused to believe she was capable of such barbarity.

East2West News/Australscope

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