Sirius sub-letting case adjourned as lawyers fail to produce evidence

Bryan Seymour

A Sydney mother and daughter faced court on Wednesday accused of sub-letting their public housing unit in the well-known Sirius building and making almost $150,000 from it.

But it was the prosecution case that hit "The Rocks" when they failed to produce the proper evidence.

Genute Balsiene and her daughter Saule Baslyte left Downing Centre Court early after their hearing was unexpectedly adjourned.

Genute Balsiene, left, and daughter Saule Baslyte leave court early. Source: 7 News

"It's unbelievable, it should have been dismissed, now it's been adjourned," the defendants' lawyer Ali Saleh said.

The 62-year-old and her daughter face 52 charges of sub-letting their unit in the Sirius building between 2012 and 2017, benefitting to the tune of $147,000.

They allegedly charged up to $700 a week for perfect views of the Bridge and Opera House.

"All denied, do you hear? All denied," Genute Balsiene said outside court.

Lawyer Ali Saleh said Wednesday's court proceedings were

Lawyers for Housing New South Wales could not tender documents because they didn't have any statements from the real estate agents and banks.

"The necessary statements from witnesses have not been sought, which means we seem to be wasting a lot of time," magistrate Geoffrey Bradd said.

After repeated defence objections, the hearing was adjourned.

The pair were allegedly charging $700 a week for Harbour views. Source: 7 News

There are as yet no answers from Housing NSW lawyers as to how this hearing descended into high farce.

They've been given a 10-week adjournment to collect statements from real estate agents, and bank records.

It is hoped they will be ready to prosecute the matter in April.

The Sirius Building is now empty. Source: 7 News

The Sirius Building is now empty ahead of a proposed redevelopment.