Moving moment police officer comforts devastated young protester

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A US police officer has been filmed hugging and comforting a tearful teenager during a Black Lives Matter protest in the US.

The young man was at a protest in Shreveport in the US state of Louisiana on Sunday, local time, when he appeared overwhelmed and was reduced to tears.

Video obtained by NBC6 shows a Shreveport police officer consoling and hugging the protester as he cries.

“We’re here for each other. Look at me,” the officer says as the young man sobs, placing his hand on his shoulder.

“I feel your pain too. I feel your pain.”

He tells the young man, “we’re here to help” as the demonstrator begins to cry.

The officer then brings him in close and hugs him as he sobs.

“It’s alright. We’re all here together, OK?” he reassures.

A boy at a Black Lives Matter protest in Louisiana cries as he's comforted by a police officer.
A Shreveport police officer hugs a protester. Source: Twitter/ Jade Jackson

On Twitter, people called the video “powerfully moving”.

One woman praised the police officer for being “kind-hearted and compassionate”.

“We need more scenes like this and less of destruction,” one man tweeted.

“This is America,” another woman tweeted.

Sunday’s protest where the moment was captured was a peaceful one with no reports of violence or arrests, according to local news site

Protestors, angered by the death of African American man George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, protested outside the courthouse.

Three men showed up with Confederate flags but an organiser told the group to ignore them and called for protests to continue for the next 45 days.

Unfortunately, not all of America’s protests have been as peaceful.

Minneapolis, where many protests and riots started, has been described as “like a warzone” while looting and violence has been seen across the country.

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