Motorway bridge built around house of woman who refused to move

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A motorway bridge has been built around a woman’s home after she refused to move to make way for the new addition

The stubborn woman reportedly refused to sell her home to the government for over a decade, so now the woman’s home is wedged between two lanes on the Haizhuyong Bridge in Guangzhou, northwest of Hong Kong.

The woman reportedly knocked back an offer to move next to a morgue. Source: Nine News

The woman, known only by her surname, Liang, refused to move because the government could not offer her a new home in a suitable location, according to The Sun.

She was offered a new home situated next to a morgue.

Nine News reported Liang also refused cash payments for the land and local media reported she claimed she wanted four new apartments in return for her home.

According to Metro, Liang was the only one out of 47 residents in the area who did not move to make way for the demolition.

A motorway was built around a woman's home after she refused to move to make way for a new bridge. Source: Nine News

“You think this environment is poor, but I feel it's quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable,” Liang said according to The Sun.

Homes where owners refuse to surrender their property to developers are called ‘nail houses’ and are somewhat common in China, and developers will simply just build around the home if need be.

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