Motorist baffled by confusing parking sign in Melbourne

A motorist just trying to park their car in Melbourne’s CBD has asked for help after a sign in the city completely baffled them.

The driver, who was trying to park after 6.30pm on a Thursday, shared a photo of the sign outside Collins Place to Reddit, showing a number of different parking rules.

Parts of it suggested it was a loading zone, while other rules stated at times it was a one-hour park and other times a two-hour parking spot.

“Just keep driving mate,” someone said in response to the photo of the sign.

Luckily, one helpful person on Reddit was able to break it down for confused motorists.

A parking sign in Melbourne confused one motorist, prompting them to seek help on the internet. Source: Google Maps

“Start from the top and work your way down,” the Reddit user said.

“No standing sign only applies up to 6:30pm, so you can ignore it. 1P with left arrow; has left arrow, doesn't apply to right side. Loading zone only applies up to 4:30pm, you can ignore this too.

“2P with left arrow; has left arrow, doesn't apply to right side. 1P with right arrow; only applies Sat - Sun. 1P with left arrow; has left arrow, doesn't apply to right side.

“So none of them apply, which means yes you can park there after 6:30pm on (Thursday). The first sign that would eventually start to apply is the Loading Zone at 7:30am on (Friday). So until then you're good.”

Many people also confirmed it was safe to park in the space after 6.30pm on a Thursday, however others also expressed they too were confused by the six-part sign.

“Signs like this might as well be written in Klingon, and I've both been fined multiple times for having misinterpreted them, and been honked at by other drivers multiple times for having stopped too long to stare at them, slack-jawed, trying to figure out what the f**k they mean,” someone said.

Another person said they were “unsure” and “not prepared” to spend time trying to figure out what the sign means.

Whereas some people boasted how easily they deciphered the sign.

A motorist was baffled by the parking sign in Melbourne. Source: Reddit

“There are only six pieces of info to decipher, and half of those have an arrow pointing to the left (and can be ignored),” someone said.

“I'm honestly a little sad that reading this sign is considered difficult.”

“How many seconds did it take you to decipher this sign?” Someone clapped back.

“Now imagine you were driving and pulled up next to it, holding up traffic behind you.”

“Pretty easy. look for the latest time (6.30pm) then after that anything goes until 7:30am the next day,” another said.

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