Motorbike rider caught in sneaky act to avoid paying tolls

Some have called the man a 'legend' for the dodgy act. Do you think it's fair play?

A motorist caught in a sneaky act on an Australian road has amused others with his trick to avoid paying a toll.

Filmed by a person driving behind him in a car, the man can be seen propping one of his feet up at the back of the vehicle to cover his licence plate. He does so to purposefully avoid cameras identifying his motorcycle and charging a toll fee to his account, as motorcycles don't require tags when travelling on toll roads.

A photo of a motorcyclist trying to avoid paying a toll on an Australian road by propping his foot up to cover his licence plate.
A motorcyclist has been filmed trying to avoid paying a toll on an Australian road. Source: Facebook

"This guy," the driver jokingly captioned the video on the Mobile Phone Detection Camera Locations Australia Official Facebook page.

Many thought the man's shameless and illegal tactic was rather funny, calling him a "legend" for his cheeky thrift.

While others also thought toll roads should just be free for motorbike and scooter riders. "It’s ridiculous that motorcycles and scooters have to pay the same amount for tolls as cars and 4WDs and vans do. How is that fair?" one person commented.

"They literally make up zero congestion and zero damage to the road they are riding on."

What happens if you don't pay a toll?

Out of the 22 toll roads in the country, NSW has 13, Victoria has three and Queensland has six.

While the cost of some depend on a set fee for the driver, others base the fee on the distance travelled. They also depend on whether the driver is in a Class A (motorbike or car) or Class B vehicle (trucks and heavy vehicles).

If drivers don't pay their tolls by the due date (usually within three days), they will be issued a final toll notice which includes an administration fee. And if the final notice is not paid, the driver can cop a non-payment fine that can be hundreds of dollars.

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