Mother of autistic boy thanks 'angel' nurse who came to aid during bad meltdown

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The mother of an autistic boy in NSW has hailed the selfless actions of a nurse who stepped in after her son became badly agitated following surgery.

Haylie Beckett took to Facebook on Wednesday to thank the member of staff at Dubbo Hospital who jumped into action when five-year-old Jace began to have an episode after surgery on his ear.

“The biggest thumbs up ever. I am beyond thankful to Dubbo Hospital but in particular an angel dressed as a nurse in day surgery,” she said.

“I was exhausted, embarrassed and very overwhelmed but you showed us so much love, understanding and support.

“I hope you know I will remember you forever.”

Ms Beckett told Yahoo News Australia she was forced to crocodile-wrestle her son during his meltdown, before the nurse’s quick actions prevented the situation from escalating.

The nurse (left) playing makeshift basketball with Jace (centre) at Dubbo Hospital.
The nurse (left) playing makeshift basketball with Jace (centre). Source: Supplied/ Haylie Beckett

“When the drugs had worn off and he could feel himself and that he was not normal, he stood up and went to run off the bed,” she recalled.

She said doctors were “freaking out” over his impulse reaction.

But just seconds later, as she struggled to contain her son, the nurse stepped in.

“This angel in a nurse’s outfit came over and just asked as we were rolling all over the floor if he was tactile,” Ms Beckett explained.

After telling the nurse he was, she rushed to an adjacent children’s ward and gathered textile toys for him.

On her return, Ms Beckett said she got on the floor and tried talking to Jace before smiling to his mother and telling her to go for a walk.

Once she had Jace’s attention, she then took a bin, removed its liner and took turns with the young boy shooting a basketball into it until he calmed down completely.

Help a first for Jace’s mother

Ms Beckett, a single mother, explained to Yahoo News Australia that times had been tough recently, and Jace’s episode at the hospital had been the worse he’d had.

Haylie Beckett pictured with her five-year-old autistic son Jace.
Haylie Beckett pictured with her five-year-old son Jace. Source: Supplied/ Haylie Beckett

She said it was overwhelming to have a “strong woman come over and just take things into her own hands.”

“I have had people judge me, I have had people pat me on the back but I've never had someone help,” she explained.

She said as soon as the situation was taken care of, the nurse had moved on “to help the next person”.

“I will never forget her or how she made me feel, or that moment.”

Ms Beckett now hopes she and her son are able to meet up with the nurse at the hospital so they can offer their thanks in person.

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