Mother jailed for bashing landlord Alan Matthews with baseball bat over rent disagreements

Michael Scanlan

A mother has been jailed for four years for killing her former landlord, during a fight over rent and her belongings.

Alan Matthews was bashed with a baseball bat and his family are furious at what they believe is a light sentence.

Kristy Robb, 28, had been evicted from his bungalow but left some of her belongings behind including her son's school uniform when she returned and broke into his property to retrieve them a fight broke out.

Alan Matthews. Photo: 7 News

The 68-year-old suffered significant injuries which led to a massive heart attack.

Dianne Matthews, the victim's sister in law, told 7 News: "The cause of death, you know, it was over something so stupid."

Robb tried to steal back her goods with help from a former boyfriend.

They beat Mr Mathews with various weapons.

Justice Jack Rush told the court: "There was blood spatter on the walls of the lounge room and the floor, a baseball bat and a steel rod, both stained with Mr Matthews' blood, were found on the lounge room floor."

Despite his significant injuries Mr Mathews managed to phone triple zero.

Judge statement. Photo: 7 News

He said: “I’ve just been bashed by a woman and a bloke."

"Where did they hit you? In the face or? Yeah I haven't looked mate, I’ve got blood coming from everywhere, but they bashed me."

The house where Mr Matthews died. Photo: 7 News

That bashing was too much for the grandfather of ten and he passed away 50 minutes after making the call.

Robb and her boyfriend went to Mr Matthews home early in the morning to avoid confrontation but he heard them enter and a violent scuffle broke out which turned deadly.

Robb was sentenced to four years jail; she will be eligible for parole in two and a half.

Dianne added: "We're hoping there'll be an appeal, we're devastated, absolutely devastated.”