Mother found dead in the US was assisting with search for missing woman

A mother who was found dead at in the US this week was assisting in the search for an elderly missing woman, her family says.

Lisa Michelle Tufts-Hillian had heard about the search for 73-year-old Peggy McDaniel at Cummins Falls, Tennessee and wanted to help. Her family had urged to stay home.

Her body was located by search crews at around 9am on Thursday local time.

Lisa Michelle Tufts-Hillian was found dead at Cummins Falls.

"All we got from the investigator is that she had lost her footing and perished in the flood waters," her father, Chuck Tufts, Jr told American TV.

He described his daughter in three words: "loving, caring and giving."

Tufts-Hillian's grandfather Rubi Tufts, said she never shied away from helping others.

He said his granddaughter knew Cummins Falls well, was an avid hiker and was there for less than a week before she died.

“She was always a Good Samaritan,” Tufts said. “That’s a good description, a good description of her.”

The 45-year-old leaves behind a an eight-year-old son.

Rescue crews are still searching for McDaniel.

She was with her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren when they were trapped by high waters at Cummins Falls State Park on Wednesday.

Newsbreak - July 8