Woman perplexed by cute creature she found in her yard - can you tell what it is?

A mother in rural Victoria has pleaded for help after she found a mysterious pup in her backyard.

The woman took to a Facebook group on Sunday with images of the furry discovery she made on her property near Bright, 320km northeast of Melbourne.

“I woke up this morning hearing a whimpering on my bush block, l can’t tell if it’s a fox or a dog,” she wrote.

The pup which split opinion on its identity. Source: Facebook/ Chat 10 Looks 3 Community

The mother asked online what the “adorable” animal was, and while the majority were in agreement with how cute it was, there were conflicting answers over its true identity.

“I reckon it's a fox and you've got a little problem,” one person said, with dozens more agreeing.

But others were adamant it was a dingo pup, with the woman also revealing she often hears the howling of dingoes on her property.

The pup was found on the woman's property near Bright. Source: Facebook/ Chat 10 Looks 3 Community
The woman planned to take the pup to a vet on Monday. Source: Facebook/ Chat 10 Looks 3 Community

“Looks very dingo pup to me,” one person said.

Several urged the woman to contact WIRES or dingo rescue groups for help with her find.

She revealed she planned to take the pup to a vet on Monday for confirmation on its identity, and as many eagerly awaited word from her impending visit, she announced Sydney Dingo Rescue had come back with a definite answer.

“It’s a wild dingo,” she announced.

The woman said despite pleas from her children, she had no intention of raising the pup as a domesticated pet and was advised to leave the dingo in a box in the bush where she found the animal.

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