Mother discovers son’s bride is her daughter on wedding day

A mother has discovered on her son's wedding day that his bride was actually her long-lost daughter.

The mum made the realisation after spotting a birthmark on the bride’s hand at the wedding in China’s Jiangsu province on March 31, Oriental Daily reported.

She asked her in-laws whether the woman was adopted and they confirmed she was discovered at the side of the road and taken into their home 20 years ago.

A woman cries at a wedding in Jiangsu, China.
The bride cries as she realises she's found her biological mum. Source: Oriental Daily

They were shocked by the question because they apparently had never told anyone their daughter was adopted.

A photo of the bride shows her holding her hand to her mouth and crying after realising she had found her mum.

It’s not clear how she came to be adopted.

The bride was then concerned about marrying her brother, however the mum revealed the bride and groom aren’t actually biological siblings.

The mum, heartbroken over losing her daughter, adopted a boy.

That boy would go on to marry the long-lost child, and ultimately reunite the mum and daughter.

The wedding went ahead as scheduled.

The latest wedding surprise came after two off-duty police officers paused their nuptials in December to help a man hit by a car.

Taylor Rafferty and her new husband, Chris, were just like any other couple on their wedding day as they posed for photos.

Luckily for the injured man, not only were the bride and groom in the police force, but so were many members of the bridal party who all took a break from the photographs to administer first aid and wave down emergency vehicles responding to the accident.

Marion County Sheriff's Office in Florida praised the couple for their efforts during the December wedding.

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