Most Americans identify with a specific religious group: Gallup

A new survey found that the vast majority of Americans identify with a specific religious group, predominantly a Christian religion, although that percentage is declining.

According to the survey, conducted by Gallup, about three in four Americans say they identify with a specific religion.

Of those who identify, 68 percent identify with a Christian religion, including 33 percent who are Protestant, 22 percent Catholic and 13 percent identify with another Christian religion, the survey found.

Just seven percent of the respondents who identify with a religion do not align with Christian beliefs. Two percent are Jewish, one percent Muslim and one percent Buddhist, among other religions, Gallup wrote.

Twenty-two percent of respondents said they have no religious preference.

The survey found that over time, the number of people who identify with a Christian religion has declined, while the number of people who do not have a religious preference has grown slightly.

Fifty years ago in 1973, 87 percent of adults identified with a Christian religion and five percent did not have a religious preference.

The importance of religion in Americans’ lives has also decreased. In 1965, Gallup found that 70 percent of respondents said religion was very important in their life. Today, 45 percent say the same.

Church attendance and membership have also declined. Just three out of 10 religious U.S. adults attend a service weekly.

The survey was conducted May 1-24, 2023 and Dec. 1-20, 2023 with a random sample of 2,024 adults. The margin of error is three percentage points.

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