Most against shark-kill plan: poll

Most against shark-kill plan: poll

A new poll suggests the State Government's shark-kill policy is failing to win over the public, with almost two-thirds of adults opposing the plan to set drum lines.

A Patterson Research Group FlashPoll of 300 people, carried out with a random sample of Perth residents last week, found 63.7 per cent opposed the drum lines policy and 21.6 per cent were in favour.

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Almost 15 per cent were still unsure. Pollster Keith Patterson said the results showed the Government had "clearly misread the community mindset" and failed to satisfactorily explain benefits of the proposal.

The phone survey found 61 per cent of people believed the measures would make no difference to their safety, while 25 per cent believed it would make them safer.

Thirteen per cent said they would feel less safe once the drum lines were in place.

Respondents were not asked how often they went to the beach.

"There is a very real prospect that the Government has simply got the policy wrong," Mr Patterson said.

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson yesterday weighed into the debate, tweeting that the plan to cull sharks in WA should be condemned around the world.

Premier Colin Barnett acknowledged on 96FM radio yesterday the measures were not popular. But he said he could not walk away from the issue after seven fatal attacks in three years.

He denied the drum lines would unintentionally catch smaller marine life.

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