More than 50 motorists caught in one week playing Pokemon Go while driving

Perth police say they are disgusted more than 50 motorists were caught in just one week playing Pokemon Go on their phones while driving.

Officers say drivers are choosing to flout the law in what’s been dubbed mobile madness.

“Every day we’re getting more and more people being seen and caught, and given infringements for using mobile phones,” Traffic Enforcement Group inspector Mike Sparkman said.

A Perth motorist caught using his phone while driving. Source: 7News
Police are fed up with the number of people flouting WA's mobile phone laws. Source: 7News

In just a couple of hours, police dished out 58 infringements to drivers caught on their phones in Perth’s CBD on Monday.

One driver was caught using Facebook while driving with a child in the back seat.

Road experts say motorists who use a mobile phone while driving are four times more likely to be involved in a crash.

Despite the risk of a $400 fine and the loss of three demerit points, Perth Pokemon Go fans have been sprung hunting Pokemons.

Source: 7News
Source: 7News

It comes after a 19-year-old man crashed his car into a Melbourne school while playing Pokemon Go last week and a woman backed into another motorists while she was playing Pokemon in Brisbane last month.

And it’s not just Australia where drivers are choosing to chase Pokemon; a teenager was left red-faced after he rear-ended a police car while he was playing the mobile game in the US.

Police Minister Liza Harvey says the State Government has no plans to increase the penalty for using a mobile phone while driving, with education the key to stopping the alarming trend.

Source: 7News

Insp Sparkman warns motorists who choose to flout the law will be caught.

“Put the phone away, concentrate on your driving … if you get pulled over by a police officer (while) using your phone, you will receive an infringement.”