More flights to evacuate Aussies from New Caledonia

Australians stranded in New Caledonia following deadly riots will have another chance to leave after the government announced more repatriation flights.

Two Australia-assisted flights from New Caledonia had been scheduled to repatriate Australian citizens on Saturday, Foreign Minister Penny Wong announced.

"We continue to help Australians outside of Noumea to travel to the capital, and we are making plans for additional flights onwards to Australia for tomorrow (Sunday)," Senator Wong posted on social media.

Two Australian repatriation flights brought home more than a hundred Australians and citizens of other nations from the French territory on Friday.

The two Royal Australian Air Force planes and a French-organised flight transported 187 Australians home alongside dozens of citizens from other nations.

Some 300 Australians registered their interest to leave with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Pacific nation has been in the grips of deadly riots for more than a week that have resulted in at least seven deaths.

French President Emmanuel Macron delayed the controversial voting reforms that sparked the unrest on Thursday after he visited the territory's capital Noumea in a bid to calm tensions.

The changes allow French residents who have lived in the territory for 10 years to vote, and Indigenous people are concerned the electoral changes will dilute their voice.

Mr Macron said he still planned to enact the law but would not do so by force and only when peace had returned to New Caledonia.