Monster great white caught in shark net off Sydney beach

A monster great white shark has been caught in a net off a popular Sydney beach.

The 4.65 metre predator was caught in government shark nets at Maroubra beach in Sydney’s east on Monday morning. Government contractors removed the dead shark during a routine net check.

“The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) can confirm a 4.65 metre White Shark was removed from the Maroubra shark meshing net this morning by contractors during a routine check,” a spokesperson from the NSW Department of Primary Industries said on Monday.

“DPI shark scientists have completed a full necropsy on the White shark.”

Jason “Trapman” Moyce, a fishing blogger with over 14,000 followers, posted an image of the fearsome shark caught in a net on Monday.

A 4.6m Great White Shark was caught in the beach shark net,” Mr Moyce posted on Facebook.

A great white shark was netted off Maroubra
The fin of the great white shark netted off Maroubra. Source: Facebook/Trapman Bermagui

“The tail alone was 2m tall, with the pectorial fins of over 1m.

“Shark is pushing over a ton in weight.”

Mr Moyce says that the shark was caught by government employees at the Department of Primary Industries, reacting to those criticising the shark net practise.

“I do know the guys who do this job and they work hard to keep our beaches safe,” Mr Moyce posted on Facebook on Monday.

“Whether you agree with shark net protection or not, these guys are not the ones to abuse.

“If anyone had a serious issue with shark nets, make yourself heard with the state government members.”

The shark was caught off Maroubra beach
The shark was retrieved from the net off Maroubra beach. Source: Facebook/Trapman Bermagui