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Terrifying moment woman almost dives into five-metre shark's mouth

Incredible footage shows the moment a diver almost leaps straight into the mouth of a massive tiger shark in Hawaii.

Ocean Ramsey, a marine conservationist and freediver didn't look too fazed by it though and her reaction has gone viral.

Video shared on her Instagram page shows her preparing to slip off the edge of the boat and into the water. But as she's putting on her snorkel and dipping her toes into the water, the shark approaches with speed. The diver quickly stands back up and edges backwards towards the boat. Then suddenly, the jaws of the five-metre shark are exposed, snapping at Ms Ramsey.

Diver Ocean Ramsey jumping off boat in shark mouth.
Professional diver Ocean Ramsey was jumping off the boat and almost straight into the mouth of a tiger shark. Source: Instagram

"Wait there. Wow! Holy crap," a male voice can be heard saying pointing out the shark. The pair, believed to be husband and wife, appear to let out a chuckle and seem thrilled by their encounter with the shark. The diver herself says hello to the shark named Nikki, and proceeds to enter the water.

The amazing footage shocked many who saw it with hundreds commenting on the close encounter. Some simply said "wow" while others were slightly more expressive.

"Call it what you like.....that was a close one," one said. "Love seeing these amazing shots of the most beautiful sharks," said another.

Diver and shark 'grew up together'

This particular shark is known to the couple who regularly share videos on social media. Other videos show Ms Ramsey in the water, stroking and playing with "Queen Nikki". Their aim is to show people "how incredible sharks" are and that humans and animals "can coexist".

"It just needs to be done with respect for their important role as apex predators, they are not monsters," she wrote on Instagram.

After the video went viral, Ms Ramsey detailed her relationship with Nikki the shark explaining they "grew up together".

shark facts
Facts about sharks.

"I love Tiger shark Queen Nikki, and have dove with her for several decades and I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about sharks, or her, she’s incredible and also usually the most dominant individual of course, but generally she’s more like an old grandma and she just keeps the young spunky ones in check which is actually better for us," she said. "Large species are capable apex predators, not monsters, who need and deserve respect and protection."

Explaining what happened in the video, the diver told US news site Today she went into the water too fast and Nikki "totally reacted to that." She went on to say that Nikki is a "fun and interactive shark," and the couple were "really excited for that moment."

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