WATCH: Texas police officer almost killed by drunk driver

Police in Texas have released a dramatic video of the moment one of their officers was almost killed by a drunk driver.

Officer Matthew Lesell was at a routine traffic stop when another car ploughed into him, sending the police man flying.

Incredibly, he not only got up and then booked the driver who hit him.

Matthew Lesell received a fractured vertebrae from the crash. Source: 7 News

Lesell told American network NBC 5 he felt like he was "spinning through a washing machine".

"From all my training, whether it be the Marine Corps, or through the academy, the worst thing to do is be down and out of the fight," he said.

Lesell had pulled over another car when he was hit. Source: 7 News

Lesell went back out to hold the driver who hit him, until his backup arrived.

"My assist was like, 'Dude, come sit down, take a deep breath'," he said.

His wife, Danielle Lesell, said she "burst into tears" when she found out.

"I literally felt like somebody was squeezing my heart," she said.

Lesell is recovering from a fractured vertebrae.