Moment bystanders stop alleged handbag thief

Logan police handbag theft
A group of men attempted to stop an alleged handbag thief for driving away, Picture: Facebook

A group of vigilante bystanders have attempted to thwart an alleged handbag thief from driving away after a woman said her stolen credit card was used at the supermarket.

The filmed altercation was uploaded to social media appears to show four men attempting to stop a blue car from driving away, in the carpark near Queensland’s Crestmead shops, 30 minutes south of Brisbane.

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The group of men attempted to stop the car from driving away. Picture: Facebook

Queensland Police said Friday night’s incident comes after a woman reported her handbag was stolen from an unlocked car at around 6pm on Friday, at a carpark in the nearby suburb of Park Ridge.

In social media posts, the woman claims this occurred in the “two minutes” she was picking up her son from childcare.

Later that evening, she learnt her credit card was being used at an IGA in the neighbouring suburb of Crestmead.

Authorities say the woman went to the shops where she confronted the man and attempted to pull him out of his car.

Logan police handbag theft
The incident occurred after a woman said her handbag was allegedly stolen while she collected her child from daycare. Picture: Facebook

While there appeared to be two men – a driver and passenger – in the video uploaded onto social media, however police have yet to confirm how many people they’re currently investigating.

Although the man managed to drive away, police confirmed they are investigating the incident.

The district of Logan, which encapsulates Crestmead and Park Ridge, there have been 13,568 offences committed in Logan this year, according to Queensland Crime Statistics.

In 2022, the area recorded a post-pandemic high of 43,310 offences, up from 39,247 offences the year prior.