'Massive white light' in sky triggers triple-0 call

Residents in Central Australia were left shaken when the night sky was lit up by a flash of bright, blue light that was followed by a loud bang.

The extraordinary sight was so bright that it could be seen for kilometres just after midnight early on Monday.

A concerned woman called police to report the alarming light.

Duty Superintendent James O'Brien said police received a call from a woman at Charles Creek town camp about the strange occurrence.

CCTV vision shows a mysterious flash of blue light in the sky above Alice Springs.
The extraordinary site was captured on CCTV just after midnight on Sunday. Source: Twitter/Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

“She stated she saw a massive white light like a comet and a meteorite falling,” he told NT News.

It may sound like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, but luckily it was all captured on police security camera.

CCTV vision from Alice Springs on the corner of Wills Terrace and Bath Street show the moment the town below was lit up by the meteorite falling to earth.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services shared more security vision from another street in Alice Springs that lit up when the meteor shot past, sharing the hashtag #WheresMulderandScully.

The bright light has been confirmed by The Bureau of Meteorology as the tail end of Halley’s comet.
The Bureau of Meteorology confirmed to police it was the tail end of Halley’s comet. Source: Twitter @ntpfes

“Please summon Mulder and Scully ASAP!” one woman responded.

Followers jumped on the eerie sighting, sharing they thought they were alone in spotting the spectacular flash of light.

“It was this, you weren’t going mad,” another person said.

“Did you guys see it? It was pretty amazing,” a third Facebook user added.

“It rattled our windows so hard we woke up,” a local said referring to the loud noise that was reported.

One person pointed out how marvellous the light show was, enquiring if it was Thor.

Unfortunately there were no aliens or superheroes landing in the NT, the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed to police it was the tail end of Halley’s comet.

One resident felt privileged to have seen the rare sky show.

“I was outside and saw the whole thing, it was beautiful and I'm happy I saw it.”

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