Model receives death threats after splitting bill on date

An English supermodel says he received death threats on social media after appearing on a reality TV show about matchmaking.

The controversy began when Manchester model Sam Reece went to dinner with a woman during an episode of First Dates on Channel Four.

At the end of their meal, the 22-year-old asked his date Kathleen to split their $650 bill.

"It was a really expensive meal, like £350 ($677), and I knew I wasn't going to see her again, so what's wrong with asking her to split the bill?" Sam told The Mirror.

But it seemed viewers had a different opinion on the matter.

Shortly after the episode went to air, Sam was sent threatening messages on Twitter.

Sam and Kathleen on their date during an episode of First Date. Source: Channel Four

"I couldn’t believe some of the reaction from people on Twitter,” he said.

“I had death threats, one person said that the next time I come out in Manchester I'm dead."

Sam told The Mirror he had really enjoyed his date with Kathleen and felt the producers had deliberately portrayed him in a bad light.

"Obviously the show was edited in a certain way that made me look bad, but I'm really not like that personally," Sam said.

"They tried to paint me as a typical model.”

The pair later went on a second date.

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