Model, 29, reveals 'feral' symptom before Covid diagnosis

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A former Miss Australia has revealed a random "but kind of funny" Covid symptom she experienced, which many might not know about.

Olivia Molly Rogers, 29, tested positive for Covid-19, but before she got her results she took to Instagram to see if anyone experienced one peculiar symptom.

"I have the most random (but kind of funny) symptom - I can't stop burping & I googled it and apparently it's part of the gastrointestinal symptoms of Covid, not that common though," she wrote on Instagram.

"Has anyone else had this with covid?"

In a poll she conducted through her Instagram stories, more than 80 per cent of her followers said they had not experienced that as a symptom of Covid.

Olivia Molly Rogers is pictured in an orange dress and on the right during her Covid battle.
Olivia Molly Rogers experienced a rather odd Covid symptom. Source: Instagram/oliviamollyrogers

According to a February 2021 article from Medical News Today, more than 50 per cent of people hospitalised with Covid had some gastrointestinal symptoms.

Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain were symptoms experienced by Covid patients, according to the report, but the article did mention "belching", or burping, was a less common symptom.

Ms Rogers did have to wait a couple of days to get her results and despite taking a rapid test which came up as negative, she was sure she had Covid-19.

Eventually she did get her PCR test results, which came back positive.

"Results are in. Good to know my consistent burping wasn't just me being a bit feral," she wrote alongside a screenshot of her results.

Olivia Molly Rogers has been sharing her Covid experience to Instagram. Source: Instagram/oliviamollyrogers
Olivia Molly Rogers has been sharing her Covid experience to Instagram. Source: Instagram/oliviamollyrogers

Model shares Covid experience on Instagram

Australia has seen a massive surge in cases since the Omicron variant came along and Ms Rogers has been very open about her experience.

"I'm getting lots of covid related questions," she wrote on Instagram. 

"I know so many people are in the same boat & curious because even though it's been around for a couple of years, we're only now seeing it everywhere here in aus."

Ms Rogers then allowed her followers to ask questions about what having Covid-19 was like and while she said she couldn't give expert advice, she could she could share her own experience.

She said while her Covid symptoms hadn't been the best, she had been trying to focus on what she could control and on the positives.

"Sending love to anyone else with the spicy cough," she wrote on her most recent Instagram post. 

"I hope you don’t experience as many burps as I have the weirdest symptom for sure."

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