Mod Sun nearly died during 10-day bender after Bella Thorne split

Mod Sun has opened up about his addiction issues credit:Bang Showbiz
Mod Sun has opened up about his addiction issues credit:Bang Showbiz

Mod Sun quit booze and drugs for good after he nearly died during a 10-day "bender" in the aftermath of his split from actress Bella Thorne.

The 37-year-old musician - real name Derek Smith - has been celebrating five years of sobriety and he looked back at the distressing two-week period when he went off the rails after his whirlwind romance with Bella crumbled shortly after they tied the knot and admitted he almost lost his life.

He told New York Post column PageSix: "It almost took my life. I really got a second lease of life. I was on a 10-day bender after an extremely hard, very scrutinised break up ... and I went on a 10-day bender maybe spending 12 hours in that period going to sleep.

"I was really pushing it to the limit. My eyes rolled back into my head. I came out of that thinking I just got my second lease of life. For real."

He decided to get sober but he did it alone without a stint in rehab or attending any support meetings.

Mod Sun explained: "I went completely cold turkey ... I didn’t go to a rehab centre. Just within myself, I was like, ‘That is not my legacy. That is not my journey'."

However, instead of lying low and staying at home, Mod Sun decided to go out every night and have fun without drugs or booze.

He added: "Within 24 hours of sobering up, I made the conscious decision to say: 'I'm going out tonight' ... And every night for the next month ...

“‘I’m going to have more fun than all these people. And that’s the way that I looked at it. And that is why I am able to be five years sober - because I immediately broke down the wall of saying, ‘Being sober means having less fun'."

He now lives a much healthier lifestyle and has taking up running, but his battle with cocaine left him with a deviated septum and "extreme body dysmorphia" because he found the drug kept weight off because it supressed his appetite.