'MMA fighter' callously beats defenseless juvenile victim in sickening attack caught on video

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Police are investigating a disturbing alleged attack after a video appearing to show an MMA fighter mercilessly beating a juvenile was shared thousands of times on social media.

The video appears to show a man, identified by social media users as an American fighter named Tony Cojocaru, callously punch and slap a younger man in the face, head and abdomen dozens of times until he is left cowering in a foetal position on the ground.

A video appearing to show a man identified as American fighter Tony Cojocaru callously beat a juvenile until he cowers on the ground. Photo: Facebook/Kevin D Wise
The man identified online as MMA fighter Tony Cojocaru. Photo: Facebook

The harrowing clip shows a young man, who police have identified as a juvenile, recoiling on a couch as the attacker points and asks menacingly:

"Do you think I'm playing with you, bro?"

He violently punches the young man in the head, who tries to shield himself with his arms.

Photo: Facebook/Kevin D Wise

A male voice from behind the camera can be heard saying "Tony, Tony," as the attacker continues to assault the young man.

"Shut the f--- up or I'll kill you," the attacker responds, pointing to the person behind the camera while grabbing onto the young man's hair.

"Don't f---ing move, don't move," he says, punching and kicking the victim.

Photo: Facebook/Kevin D Wise

The attacker then drags the young man, silently whimpering in distress, by his hair off the couch and into a coffee table, sending dirty plates and leftover food crashing onto the floor.

The 'fighter' continues to drag the defenseless man to the forefront of the camera, still grabbing him by the hair while calling him a "little sh--".

The victim, red-faced after endless blows to the head, is then flung backwards by the throat onto the ground, where the attacker stands over him.

"Are you going to the cops?" he threatens.

Photo: Facebook/Kevin D Wise

"No bro," the young man responds, lying limp in a foetal position below him.

The attacker slowly turns to the camera, threatening "I told you, any one of you f------," before slapping the victim hard across the face a final time.

"If the cops call, you're dead," he says to the young man.

The video was shared by Kevin D Wise, a self-professed comedian and social media personality, and has been shared almost 30,000 times since it was posted two days ago.

The alleged attack has since been posted in an fighting forum, although there is no official confirmation the man is a professional fighter.

Photo: Facebook

A fake Twitter account has also been created in Tony Cojocaro's name, shaming him for his alleged actions in the video.

The local police department, West Deptford Police, in the US has confirmed they are aware of the brutal acts shown in the video.

"We want to assure the public that this matter is being investigated thoroughly and both parties seen in the video have been identified," the department said in a Facebook statement.

"We have ensured that the juvenile in the video is safe and is in no danger at this time.

"Once this investigation is complete, we will release information regarding the outcome of the investigation."

The man identified as Tony Cojocaru. Photo: Facebook

A Facebook page entitled The People vs Tony Cojocaru has been set up to draw attention to the video and 'stop bullying'.

One commenter on the page has alleged he was also a victim of Cojocaru.

"That scar on my knuckle is from his tooth about seven years ago. He's no tough guy, he only picks on people a lot younger than him," the user wrote with a picture of his knuckle.

It is not known when the alleged assault occurred or whether an arrest has been made over the incident.

Yahoo7 has reached out to the original poster of the video for comment.