MLC outraged over ‘joke’ cannabis breath spray

A Rockingham surf shop is promoting cannabis use to children with a mint breath spray, claimed South Metropolitan MLC Phil Edman.

At face value, the “liquid marijuana” spray, Feel Incredibly High, claimed users could get “high at work (or) in class instantly” and used the catch phrase; “it’s like you’re completely baked”.

Mr Edman said the product was “morally unacceptable”.

“Whether its cannabis or a gimmick, it’s impressionable on young children and promotes that it’s fun to be high,” he said.

Consumer Protection director of retail services David Hillyard said initial examination deemed the product a novelty item and it would not take any further action at this stage.

City Beach Australia declined to comment.

Backed by Mental Health Minister Helen Morton, Mr Edman has taken a stance against the sale of synthetic cannabis, believing it to be just as dangerous as hard drugs such as methamphetamines.

He said he had received alarming emails from parents whose children were addicted to synthetic forms.

Mrs Morton added 33 psychoactive substances to Schedule 9 of the Positions Act 1964, at the weekend.

Under the Misuse of Drugs Act, possession of synthetic drugs can carry penalties up to $2000 or two years jail, and up to $100,000 and/or 25 years for sale, supply or possession with intent to supply.