Mission: Impossible 8 gets exciting update following release delay

Good news for Mission: Impossible fans, as Shea Whigham has provided a positive update on the eighth instalment.

Whigham starred as Jasper Briggs in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, which was released in 2023, and will be back for the sequel.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor said he wrapped at the end of May with his knees "barely" intact, before suggesting the film remains on track for a May 2025 release after multiple delays.

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"It took four years. We made Lake George in 21 days, but they don't mean any less to me, if that makes sense. I count myself as lucky with the stuff I've been working on lately, but yes, we're done," he said.

"Tom [Cruise]'s not done, and [Mission: Impossible 8] comes out next May."

While filming the movie, the actor also had one request for director Christopher McQuarrie.

"[I said], 'I just want one scene between Tom and I, where you, McQ, write it like The Usual Suspects, and we get a chance to get in there'," he recalled, adding that McQuarrie had "delivered" on the request.

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Whigham said that after he and Cruise finished the scenes, they went to dinner and discussed the movie's release.

"Do you realise that we come out one year from today? And it's going to be a sprint to finish the f**king thing," Whigham recalled Cruise telling him.

Whigham also praised Cruise's work ethic, saying: "I can't even explain how he does the stuff that he does. What he's doing now, people are going to be floored.

"He wants to make this one like an adventure film, and he and McQuarrie have an idea of what they want to do with it. So it's going to be amazing."

Mission: Impossible 8 is set to be released in cinemas on May 23, 2025.

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