Missing pilot declared dead four years ago ‘seen alive’, says family

The family of a missionary pilot who went missing four years ago, during a flight from South Africa to Mali, insists he’s still alive.

Minnesota man Jerry Krause was never found, nor was any wreckage from the Beechcraft 1900C he was flying in 2013.

With no debris, no black box and no answers, South African authorities declared the veteran pilot was dead two months later. But his family beilve he was kidnapped.

The report from the South African Civil Aviation Authority declaring the 58-year-old had crashed and died has since been removed.

Mr Krause's family believe this is due to new evidence which they are desperate to get hold of.

Gina Krause remains adamant her husband is alive. Source: Facebook
An image of Jerry's plane taken before he went missing in 2013. Source: Facebook

His youngest daughter took to their ‘Find Jerry’ Facebook page saying her dad had been seen alive and the US government knows of his location.

As for the new evidence, “although we have sought to learn what [it] is, we have been denied access to it,” the Facebook post says.

“The black box transponder has not been activated yet, making it unlikely that Jerry crashed and increasingly likely that he was forced to land in hostile territory,” the family wrote.

“To have Jerry Krause rescued, Vice President Pence or President Trump need to give the authorization to the Department of Defence to liberate Jerry.

“We’re ready. We’re tired. It’s just been a long time.”